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What do you think of “Tiger Mothers?”

A couple of weeks ago, we read “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” Amy Chua’s controversial essay in the Wall Street Journal about her parenting style.  It sparked some good discussions about parenting, cultural differences, and stereotypes!



There was an article on Saturday, Januray 8, 2011, in the Wall Street Journal that was written by Amy Chua.  Amy Chua is a professor at Yale Law School and author of “Day of Empire.”  This article was taken out of her new book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.”  In this article, it tells about the differences between “Chinese mothers” and western parents.  She is using “Chinese Mother” as a term for strict parents.  Not only Chinese parents matter to the term “Chinese Mother,” but Korean, Indian, Jamaican, Irish, German and even Mongolian mothers, as well.  The reason she uses “Chinese Mothers” is that she had Chinese parents and she herself was a Chinese parent.  She shared some of the experiences she had with her two daughters, Sophia and Lulu.  For example, on one occasion, she was trying to teach her younger daughter, Lulu, piano.  Lulu just couldn’t play it.  She would be stubborn and fight back but Amy tried even harder.  She didn’t give her dinner, she took her toys away, and she told her she wouldn’t have privileges for a long time.  Eventually, Lulu could play the piano song.

By reading her rules Amy Chua had for her daughters, I think they are too strict.  I would think I couldn’t stand it if I was her daughter.  But her daughters were raised up only this way, so they probably got used to it.  Also, for grades “Chinese Mothers” require only an A.  In my opinion, I would say at least A – B.  Because we aren’t all perfect.

Chua was raised up as how Chinese kids are ought to be, so that’s why she was a “Chinese Mother.”  For me, I was born in a Mongolian family, which is some kind of similar to Chinese parents but not as strict.  When I was young, I would always get As, so I never had someone always over me with a stick and calling me stupid, etc.  I was a stubborn girl and my parents would punish me when I needed it.  They were strict but not as strict as Chinese parents.  They kind of let me get my own way most of the time.  And they didn’t rebuke me very much, because I didn’t really need it.  Even though I wasn’t raised up like a Chinese kid, I don’t think I’m worse in school, musical, and works than Chinese kids.  If I ever have children, I would raise my children between “Chinese Mother” and western parents’ way. I will be strict, but not as strict as “Chinese Mothers.”  I will do all I can to help them, love them, and raise them to be good people.

By Bayartsetseg


Amy Chua is a professor at Yale Yaw School.  She has written the book named “Battle Hymn of the Tige rMother,” which has essay about the book.  In her essay, she’s introducing hersefl as a Chinese mother who is a very strict mom.  She has two daughters named Sophia and Lulu.  She never allowed her daughters to do any fun stuff.  She’s using both terms of “Chinese Mother” and western parents, which is very successful.  Western mothers usually worry about their children’s self-esteem.  According to the essay, Western parents believe that stressing academic success is not good for children.  So they try to give the idea learning is fun.  They always praise the child and never ever punish them or feel insecure.  But as a Chinese style, Chinese parents pay attention to their academic success, musical talent, almost everything.  Awesome, huh?

But it’s very difficult for the child who is raised by Chinese parents.  Becaue Chinese parents think that academic achievement reflects successful parents.  Also, they strongly believe that their children can be the best at everything.  Chinese parents demand perfect grades because they believe their children can get it.  Do you want to know what would happen if the children can’t get it?  Chinese parents would think their attention for their children isn’t good enough.  So parents should work together and practice more and more until their children get the best grade.  They order their kids to be perfect.  As a fact, she used a Chinese parenting style for Lulu.  It worked pretty well.

In my opinion, parenting style is very important for everyone.  And I’m no exception.  I want to be a good mother in the future, so I won’t use all of the above ideas.  I will be a wise true Mongolian mom, who is very careful for her children’s education and success, but is also very kind to them.  I would allow everything so that my children can feel the love strongly and never ever be disrespectful to anyone.

This is all of my opinion.  Everyone is special in their own way, and every culture is different.  Chinese mothers think nothing is fun until children are good at something.  And Western parents pay attention to  children’s self-esteem.  Both of them are different kinds of way to raise children.  But being a Mongolian parent can be the best way to raise the child.

By Bulgamaa


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