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Poetry Day

We wrote poems today!  It was pretty fun.  We used this poem by Grace Nichols as our template:


Tall and blue
true and open

So open my arms have room
for all the world
for sun and moon
for birds and stars

Yet how I wish I had the chance
to come drifting down to earth—
a simple bed sheet
covering some little girl or boy
just for a night

But I am Sky
that’s why

Here are some of the results.


White and wonderful
sad and adorable

So see with my eyes
when it’s night
I feel what a wonderful world

But how I wish I looked around the world
so I wipe away all women’s tears

But I am moon
that’s why

By Urnaa


Broad and tall
Green and beautiful

I have a lot of flowers and trees
for all the world
for animals and rivers
for rock and fruits

But how I wish I had the chance to create another world
because this world is very dirty and dangerous

But I’m mountain
that’s why

By Erdenesaikhan


Wide and blue
big and mineral

I have three brothers that are everywhere
but how I wish I could meet them
because I don’t know where they are

By Dolgoon


Big and grey
dark and relaxing

So when I close my eyes
it becomes dark
all the world is sleeping

Yet how I wish I had the chance to become Sun
I am always shining all things
and give happiness everywhere

Because I’m Moon
I can never change

By Jagaa


Hot and crystal
shiny and yellow
golden and wonderful

If I were not Sun, I couldn’t shine on all things
yet how I wish I had the chance to become Moon
because I would like to shine when couples are on dates

By Zulaa



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