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Creative Writing Olympics

Last week, some of our students participated in the first round of the Creative Writing Olympics, an international competition put on by Peace Corps Volunteers around the world.  Here are the winning essays from our school, which will be judged in the national competition this month.

Congratulations, everybody!

Describe the personalities of different rooms in a house.

When I was a little girl, my grandpa said “Everyone is special in their own ways, even a robber is special.”  That was the most memorable thing in my whole life.  Just like this, everything is meaningful and its own personality.  So I want to write in this essay that rooms of the house are special.  So I think I should describe my own feelings about my house rooms.

As usual we use a bathroom to do some wash-up.  But in my opinion, my bathroom is a doctor of my mind.  Because whenever I’m tired and upset, I go to the bathroom to make up my mind.  I wash my face and then look in the mirror.  While I am looking at the mirror something very wonderful voice tells me “don’t be sad. You’re the only one in this world.  You have many good sides.”  You know, of course, it can cure my bad feelings.  It’s like when it’s time to have a bath, a bathroom helps you to clean.  So bathrooms is very interesting place where I want to be.

People think that bedrooms are the most important room in the house.  Because, here we get some sleep and rest.  In the other hand bedroom is the most peaceful place in the house.  So I lie on the bed and think about my dreams.  My dreams can be anything love, future life, family, studying abroad.  Bedroom is the best place, and lieing on the bed is the best way to travel in the dreamland.  My bedroom means to me a lot, I hope my all dreams will come true.

Living room describes my happiest time of my life.  I usually spend my time living room talking with my parents, spending a fun time with them.  Happiest time is the one second when we feel the happiness with our own feeling.  The one second always would be the diamond of your life.  This feeling has never gone away.  I love my living room much .

In conclusion, there are a lot of things around us.  They are give everybody different ideas.  Someone will like this or others hate this.  That’s the which is making life more meaningful and important to me.

By Bulgama
Grade 11

What is the funniest thing you have done or that has ever happened to you?

I am going to write about what happened when I was about 12.  At that time it seemed scary to me but now it seems funny and I think it’s the funniest thing that ever happened.  (It is based on what happened to where I used to live…an american children’s home for orphans.  There were 29 all together of us and the oldest about 14 and the youngest 8 years old)

It was a beautiful sunny morning of April.  It was Saturday and we were happy that there weren’t any school that day.  The children were playing, riding bikes and some working in the garden.

We had just bought a land behind ours, which had a huge garden.  We went out to dig in the morning about 8 and seemed like it’ll never finish.  Even though, it seemed exciting and we would tell jokes to each other and laugh.  After about a couple of hours it seemed like we got tired and gotten quieter.  Soon everything was quiet and all we could hear was birds singing and the noise of flies and insects.

Suddenly Andrew, the eldest one, called to us saying, “Come and see what I found.”  Even though we were some kind of tired we were snoopy enough to go over and look at what he had found.  While he was digging his fork caught hold of a medal.  It was an unusual medal, it was connected to a flat medal which looked like a door to something.  He had digged around the piece of medal and get tired before finishing.  So the rest of us decided to help and find out the mystery.  It seemed like we all had energy for something that wasn’t so special…but not for planting.

While we were digging around the mysterous medal one of the children said, “I keep see that man watching over there, but every time I look over at him he ducks.” At that time we didn’t pay much attention and kept digging around it.  Finally, we finished and pulling the medal and it squeeked and opened.  Oh, how exciting all of us were!  We sent one of the younger children for a flashlight and reminded him not to tell the housemother.  When he brought the flashlight the oldest and bravest boys went down the tunnel.  At first, some of us were scared and said about, “What if there’s some kind of bomb or something.” But us girls couldn’t persuade the boys.  When they went down they screemed with joy and yelled up, “there’s a lot of gold down here.”  We children didn’t really believe but they dragged some pieces to the door of the tunnel and shone the flashlight for us to see.  We couldn’t believe it.  We quickly put the dirt back up and made it look like nothing had happened and said each other that it’ll be a top secret.

That night, when we went to bed, some of us couldn’t sleep keep thinking about the gold.  The next morning the children ran back out to dig the gold out.  We were thinking about selling it with a high price and travel around the world.  I said, “wish I could go to India and see the Taj Mahal.” Some said about going to Isreal, America, Germany, Africa…etc.

But after a lot of job of digging they went down the tunnel and saw that the gold was gone!  We were all shocked and disappointed too!  One of the children said, “doesn’t this footprints look strange?”  So we started to follow the footprints and the boys got to a house and thought it the house of the man that had stoled it.  They all started banging on the door and a man looked out the window…a mean looking person.  One of the children said out loud, “that was the man I saw yesterday looking carefully over our fence.”

We found out a way to go inside and we did found our gold…eventually.  The way we did it was a secret and even now we still don’t tell people!  This was based on what happened…the door we had found was just an old storage room but I exagirated it!

By Bayartsetseg
Grade 10

What makes a country a country, other than language, geography, and government?

The right answer is everything in here.  But the most important thing is public.  Of course we need language, geography and government but did you ever see a country without public.  People is the thing who judges the government.  Without people what is the point of government.  If we have good government and public the country will rise up to the sky.  If I was an object I will be a glue because it sticks the broken things in one united peace.  You just have to go there and stick the public to it’s country.  Country is an ocean who is inside a bigger ocean, for years he have been watching us with his super vision and loving us with his super heart.  Country is also made of love of the public.  The Earth is the mother, the country is her son, the public is his bodypart.  All I’m trying to say is the world need peace and the country need public.

By Gaypa
Grade 9

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?

If I had any superpower, it would be fire or ice magic.  I love magics and supernatural things cuz I read too much mangas.  Mangas are japanese comics.  Fire is a very powerful element.  So is ice.  With fire you can protect yourself by making a cloak of fire.  And I will use it to fly too.  Or just make my punches even more powerfull.  So if I had fire as my super power, it would be hot.  Ice is a very cool magic.  I would use it with a lot of insperation cuz with it you can make ice sculptures.  And it helps you express your emotion and passion of what you feel.  Well, I would use it to express my feelings too.  These powers are very useful to others too.  If there is a forest fire you could just absorb or eat the fire.  I would say, if there are people who needs me I will go to them right away.  These stuffs might be boring or silly, but for me this is my way of thinking and my pride of imagination.  I guess the reason of these things are my childhood dreams.

By Bumtsend
Grade 8

What do you think your village/town will look like in 300 years?

In 300 years Erdenet city will look super high tech.  Like hovering building’s and intergalactic space station flying cars and robots doing every work’s.  And kids wont attend to school they will learn at home and do mostly everything just at home.  People wont communicate with phone or see each other on webcam they will talk to each other with holographic transmision.  Resident’s are all fit and healthy.  And some festivals like “The 0 gravity day,” “Intergalactic robots day.”  As for homes a single family will have at least 4 floor building and wealthy people have 12-20 floor building.  Video games will be played by a hologram simulation.  Also buildings will be super tall like 5000 floors each.  And people wont use wood to warm their home.  This means no air pollution forever.  Cars will use energon rocks for fuel.  Only 1 mm3 energon rock can be used for 10 milion years ad there will be huge clock building witch is a time machine.  No one will ever be poor that means no crime.  Erdenet city will be a complete paradise where people stops aging when they are 25 year old and no evil.  In Erdenet city internet will be 999 trilion times faster than speed of light.  So this what I think about Erdenet city in 300 years.

By Duurenzaan
Grade 7



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