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Bird or Fish?

Hello everybody!

Today we wrote about whether we’d rather be birds or fish, and why.  Here are some of the answers!

I would rather be a bird.  In my opinion, bird is symbol of freedom and feel nice air.  If I were a bird, I would travel round the world.  Especially I want to go to Egypt.  And next I would see Seven Wonders.  And I would meet my sister in Switzerland.

Why don’t I want to be a fish?  Fish can only swim in rivers, oceans, and lakes.  Fish can’t breathe, can’t see wonder nature.  Maybe fish can see blue sky, but fish can’t feel what a wonderful thing that is.  Because of this, I don’t want to be a fish.  That’s not interesting.

By Jagaa

I think that I would rather be a bird.  Because it can fly and live a very free life.  So bird want to go everywhere, it can.  And bird’s life is not dangerous.  If I were a bird, I want to fly.

Why don’t I want to be a fish?  Fish is very endangered animal.  Because hunters catch fish and big fish eat small fish.  Another reason is fish’s shape is various and stupid.  Finally, bird is symbol of peace.

By Urnaa



I would rather be a bird. If I were a fish I would be very unhappy and I wouldn’t want to live. Because fish is not freedom animal. I want to fly so I would rather be a bird. Bird is a freedom and happy animal. Hunters hunt a lot of fish so I don’t want to be a fish.

by Zulaa


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Alyssa’s Story

Hello everybody!  Katie here.  Today, Tuya and I played a short story on CD for a small group of students.  ‘Alyssa’ is a village girl who has some bad luck in life.  The students listened to the first half of the story, then re-created it as best they could.  When they were done, we asked them to finish the tale — what happens to poor Alyssa?

Here are some results!

Heart Break

By Enkhriimaa


This story is very horrible.  One day, Alyssa’s father called Alyssa.  Alyssa run to her father.  Her father meet rich and fat man.  They are laughing,  Fat man called Alyssa.  The man ask Alyssa, “How old are you?”  Alyssa said 12 years old.  Fat man again laughing.  But Alyssa doesn’t like him laughing.  And fat man buy Alyssa.  The man give money her father.  Alyssa’s mom gives her everything.  And her mother very sad and crying.

Alyssa likes study school.  So fat man sell Alyssa.  Thin man buy Alyssa.  And the man to point to door.  “This room is yours.”  It’s very small and dark.  The thin man and his wife meet Alyssa.  Thin man say his wife, “Alyssa likes reading books and studying.”  He laughs.  The thin man’s wife do shout Alyssa.  “You must do everything.  Do cleaning house, etc.”  Alyssa very sad.  She was cry every night.  One day, thin man say Alyssa,”You don’t like my wife. So you go away.”  Next, thin man sell Alyssa shop owner.

I’m very sad because the story is very sad.  But I think next Alyssa studies school and she meet very nice people.  She was good father and good mother.  They live in a big city.  Alyssa was pretty and smart woman.  And she has many children.  She lives very pleased and happy.  Now I’m very happy because Alyssa’s future was very happy.

Alyssa’s Life

By Delgermaa


This story is very poor.  Alyssa likes reading books.  Her dad is called and he is meeting a rich man.  Her dad sells daughter.  Rich man gives money to her dad.  Rich man said, “How old are you?”

“I’m 12 years old.”

“You must pack your things.”

Alyssa arrive in the city.  The man to point to door.  This room is small and dark.  Next day, this man’s wife meet Alyssa.  “You must clean house, wash clothes, and do cooking.”  But Alyssa crying every day.  His wife doesn’t like Alyssa.  The man holding her hand went together.  The men selling shop owner.

I think Alyssa’s life is very happy.  Because she has three children and handsome and rich husband.  They’re not stressed out.  They live happy together.

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